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The Auvesta Gold Savings Plan

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Gold at Germany's top precious metal traders

As one of the leading precious metal traders in Europe, we are your competent partner on the way to a gold portfolio. With the Auvesta Gold Savings Plan, you regularly invest in physical gold and build up a fortune gram by gram. Individually tailored to your needs, at fair conditions.

Top provider of gold savings for gold savers
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Save on coins - Choose your personal savings plan
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Save on coins - Choose your personal savings plan
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Save in physical Gold Bullions, silver bars, platinum bars, palladium bars & coins.

With every payment, you buy parts of large precious metal bars or coins at lower prices.

Buy and sell gold worldwide on line fast
Certified security - We store the precious metals safely and professionally in a high-security warehouse at renowned partners
First-class service - sales and stocks can be viewed at any time in your online depot
Gold savings plan for all
For children

for the later education or a financial secure start in life


build a fortune for the financial planning of the future

For later years

financial independence and preservation of purchasing power

3 Steps

Order your precious metals online or with an order form.


Transfer money to an account of Auvesta. If you are buying at regular intervals, set up a permanent order with your bank.


After receipt of payment, your precious metals are automatically purchased for you and, if desired, stored in high-security stores.

Good Delivery Bars

The London Bullion Market Association LBMA regulates the quality requirements for "good delivery" bars.

Gold Bullion
Silver Bullion
100g gold from Heraeus at Auvesta
100g silver by Heraeus at Auvesta
Quality guarantee
  • LBMA is a guarantee for compliance with quality standards and global trading capability of the bullion
Good Delivery
  • guaranteed markings on the ingot such as fineness and weight
  • The ingots are from production continuously stored in certified high-security warehouses
Bar number
  • The bar number is the identification of the bar and is entered in a directory by the manufacturer
  • approx. 400 fine ounce / 12.4 kg
  • approx. 1000 fine ounce / 31.1 kg
Precious metal content min.
  • 350 fine ounce/ 10.9 kg
  • 750 fine ounce / 23.3 kg
Precious metal content max.
  • 430 Troy ounce / 13.4 kg
  • 1100 Troy ounce / 34.2 kg
  • Length: 250mm +/- 40mm
  • Width: 70mm +/- 15mm
  • Height: 35mm +/- 15mm
  • Length: 300mm +/- 50mm
  • Width: 130mm +/- 20mm
  • Height: 80mm +/- 20mm
  • At least 999.5 / 1000 or 99.95%
  • At least 999.0 / 1000 or 99.90%
Labeling on bars
  • Serial number
  • Verification number of manufacturer
  • Purity
  • Year of manufacture
Bars Allocation

100% fully allocated gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars

In the vault, your bars are assigned numbers. By assigning these bars, ownership is legally transferred to you. You get shares of large real ingots that are stored in the high-security warehouse.

„Good Delivery“ Gold Bullion
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